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Jim Graham - 40 Brenner Street

My wife Cathy & I and our Chocolate Lab have been property owners in Suissevale for about 1 ½ years, and recently finished building our future retirement home. We are very familiar with this area having had joint ownership of a home on Castle Shore Road (Not HOA Members) for several years before selling it. We are very active and enjoy swimming, biking, running, hiking, kayaking, fishing and anything else that gets us outside all four seasons. We currently live in Manchester working full time jobs and spending as much time up at our home in Suissevale as possible.

 My background over the past 30 years includes starting, owning and selling a software company in Manchester where I am still employed as a director. Several years ago, I was a Town of Hooksett Planning Board Member and Chairman (appointed/volunteer). This experience gave me great insight into the types of infrastructure issues that are involved with running a small town. I enjoy participating, volunteering and being involved in the community that I live in and would like to continue that in Suissevale. I have years of business experience in planning and project management that can benefit the Suissevale Board of Directors and POASI in particular. 

 Suissevale is a quiet and beautiful low HOA fee community in low tax Moultonborough, with nearby access to many beautiful outdoor activities. We must manage our resources and the community effectively to preserve all the benefits, low fees & taxes that we are currently enjoying, long into the future. 


I have not lived in Suissevale long enough to get involved more than attending several monthly board meetings. However, my years of volunteering as a Hooksett Planning Board member and chairing the board for a year provided me with plenty of insight and experience in addressing issues that come up in a small town. Let’s face it, Suissevale has many of the same problems and issues that small New Hampshire towns are faced with.

 There are significant challenges facing Suissevale in the future: 


How to handle & manage the growing pressures being put on the Suissevale community resources that we all share and use. These include:

  • ·  Water infrastructure & usage
  • ·  Roads
  • ·  Waterfront area

 I propose that as a board we create and/or revise a master plan that outlines short, medium & long-range items & goals whose intent are to protect & preserve the community and its members. During this process the community members will be engaged and communicated with frequently using meetings and surveys. 


Karen Crusco - 7 Sundorf Street

I have been coming to Suissevale for 28 years.  The advantages of living in Suissevale for me is being in a place that is so beautiful during every season. I love to walk and have always felt safe there. This is also a great way to meet my neighbors and new members. I would like to retire to Suissevale in the near future and that is why I am running for a seat on the Board - to help continue making our association a better place to live. 

I own a condo in Florida and have volunteered working with the BOD. I supported the President sending out communications on his behalf to the members, monitored the BOD email box and forwarded to the appropriate member to handle. I've helped to paint the club house, landscaping and organizing the files in the office. I have not volunteered at Suissevale but would be happy to. I don't ever recall seeing any communication on volunteer actions. 

Communication and member engagement is the most important immediate need from my standpoint. I feel the communication to the members could be better. Consider sending out a quarterly newsletter to get the members engaged in what is happening in the coming months. Have a volunteer day. Make a list of what needs to be done and ask members to sign up. This is a great way to get to know your neighbor. I would like to see monthly Financial Statements sent out to all members via email for those that are not able to attend the meetings in person. I would like to see more attendance/participation at the monthly meetings. I have expertise in maintaining a professional, discreet demeanor while dealing with confidential information and would be happy to serve on any committee. Passionate about customer service, teamwork and fostering a pleasant environment for our members and delivering outstanding results. 


Pete Mullarky - 28 Zermatt Street

My family and I have been home owners in Suissevale since 2016 but have been vacationing in Suissevale for about 15 years. We believe Suissevale is the most beautiful spot on the lake and we truly enjoy every minute  we get to spend there. 

My reason for running is to effect change and bring new ideas to the table. I would like to see an inclusive community where everyone has equal ability to enjoy all that Suissevale has to offer and also where members have a say as to how and where their money is spent. 

While making any decision I have always employed three things; logic, common sense and a moral compass and that is what I intend to bring to the Suissevale Board of Directors.  

We need to take transformative measures in order to change the culture, attitude and perception of the Suissevale BOD to move our community toward a bright and prosperous future.


Mark DeJon - 69 St. Gallen Street

I am Mark DeJon and my family has enjoyed our community since 2001.  Over those years, I’ve heard concerning things about the management of Suissevale but focused on raising my children and enjoying our community.  Now that my kids are older, I started going to board meetings and discovered truth behind many unsavory stories and decided to try to do something about it.  Many board members have been in their positions for decades so it’s time for new ideas with a responsible, ethical approach to solve old, persistent problems.  My well rounded professional and volunteer background will be very useful in a board position.

Professional experiences include:

  • Instrumentation Technician, Safety Officer, Shop Steward for a utility company
  • Director at nonprofit nursing home
  • Facility Manager at an investment property company
  • Owner of a construction company
  • IBM IT technician

Volunteer activities include:

  • Active member of my church
  • Led church food storehouse program and continue to assist
  • Assist at middle school food pantry
  • Dept of Children and Families case reviewer
  • Youth flag football coach
  • Big Brother to two Somerville youths through the school system

My primary focus as a member of the board of directors will be to:

  • Support the Love Suissevale platform 
  • Stop harassment, intimidation and retaliation toward community members
  • Make sure our community is financially stable, minimize lawsuits from members and our finances are protected from fraud through transparency
  • Treat all members courteously and fairly with out exception
  • Establish a better checks-and- balances system to give members better ability for changing policies and procedures


Deborah A. Canty - 27 Zermatt Street (Full Time Resident)

I have been a POASI member since 2007.

Fellow members, my reasons for wanting to run for the 2019-2020 session are as follows:

• Lack of membership input and agreement to major expenditures, such as water and legal counsel;

• Lack of membership approval for bylaw changes, only the BOD approved changes.  I was assured in 2014 and 2015 that all members would vote on any bylaw changes when they separated that section from the Covenant changes;

• Covenant changes, which cannot be applied uniformly thus fracturing our community further.  The Covenants in our title expressly state that any change to the Covenants cannot have retroactive effect.  Further, through investment in counsel at our own expense, we learned that only Suissevale, Inc. can change them and POASI can only change them if Suissevale, Inc. expressly conveyed those rights; additionally, that conveyance needs to be part of the public record.  Nowhere in the public record can it be found that Suissevale Inc conveyed these rights to POASI.  Any enforcement of the new Covenants or Bylaws will likely result in more legal action against POASI.

Neighbors, if we do not take back control of our association, and run it in accordance with our Articles of Agreements, prior covenants, and prior bylaws; and do so with full transparency and inclusion of all members, I fear that we will continue to see more law suits and thus a decrease in our properly values.  We all love this slice of paradise, so let’s make sure we run it so that all members can share and enjoy it equally.   

I promise if elected that I will listen to the memberships’ concerns, and will be transparent and honest as I have been with all of you in the past.  You can trust I will vote with integrity and always for the betterment of the entire community.  

Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy.


Joe Sastre - 36 Basel Street

My name is Joe Sastre and I am running for the Suissevale Board of Directors. My wife Vicki and I grew up enjoying what Suissevale has to offer. Vicki started coming to Suissevale in 1966 when her parents built their house in Suissevale and I’ve been coming here since the early 70’s. We subsequently married and when our children were young, we spent as much time as we could in Suissevale in the house her parents built. Today the fourth generation of our family, our grandchildren, enjoy spending time in Suissevale with us in that same house. I believe our family is one of the very few remaining original and continuous, members of Suissevale. My wife and I have seen many changes during our many years in Suissevale and it has always been a great place to enjoy what life has to offer.

Over the past several years I have been fortunate to be able to spend more time in Suissevale throughout the year than I had previously been able to. As I spent more time in Suissevale, I met and spoke to more and more of our neighbors and heard more and more negative things about how Suissevale was being run. My 27 years of experience as a police officer taught me that allegations are just that – allegations – until an investigation determines the entire story. I began to attend meetings, read agendas and minutes and started really paying attention to what was happening in our neighborhood.

While I appreciate many of the things the Board of Directors have done for the association over the years on our behalf, I have determined that our Board must do better. The Board has made too many decisions for too many years without truly listening to the members or asking them for their opinions or in some cases, their permission. The Board has, for too long, operated in secrecy instead of openly. I believe some have become too comfortable in their position and have come to believe that they, and they alone, know what is best for Suissevale. As a result, I decided to run for the Board of Directors as I now have the opportunity, freedom and time, to focus on contributing to making Suissevale an even better place to live without having to focus on working to pay the bills.

Suissevale is not a private business owned by 15 owners who have all the say in how it operates. We are all equal co-owners who should have a voice in every major decision the Board makes. With the technology available to us today, it is exceedingly simple to let all our members know what is going on and give them the voice they deserve. There is no reason why members should be kept in the dark about decisions that affect them directly. I believe in transparency, and I believe it is time for a change in Suissevale. I believe in open government, transparency and ethical behavior for those who represent us. If elected, I will bring my beliefs to the Board in order to make Suissevale an even better place.

I believe Suissevale is facing many challenges in the coming years. Easily the largest infrastructure challenge is the state of our current water system. It was never designed for a year-round community the size of Suissevale. It has never been reliable; it is expensive to maintain and the method the Board uses to pay for water forces part time residents to pay for the water used by full time residents and those with automatic lawn irrigation systems. The current Board spent a lot of our money on developing a community well system on a piece of property that the State would never allow to be used for a drinking water system. It is time to get serious about our water system and recover the costs for it in a fair manner for every member. We have spent too many years spending too many of our dollars with no real progress.

I have spent my entire adult life in service to the public. My career has always been one that time off came with little or no advance notice. After my retirement last spring, I spent the entire summer in Suissevale for the first time and took notice of the numerous large potholes in our roads due to storms suffered during the previous winter and spring. I spoke to a couple of Board members and offered to fill the larger potholes in our roads over the summer as I have experience operating payloaders and similar equipment. They never took me up on my offer.

Prior to my retirement last spring, I was responsible for coordinating public safety for a community of 40,000+ in Connecticut. I managed a 24/7 emergency department with annual operating budget of 1.75 million dollars a year and successfully managed capital improvement projects of over 1 million dollars.

Before that I was a Police Officer in a large municipal police department in Connecticut.

I was a founding member, Treasurer, then President of a successful 501(c)(6) non-profit organization in CT. I chaired the Norwich, CT Ethics Commission and I continue to volunteer my time and expertise locally, regionally and nationally working for and with our nation’s first responders, developing the world’s first nationwide inter-operable public safety broadband network on their behalf.

In my retirement, I teach advanced degree level courses in in Emergency Management at the University of New Haven in Connecticut leaving me more time to enjoy spending our time in Suissevale.


Steve Miller - 81 St. Moritz Street

I am proud to have a home in Suissevale for the last 10 years and I will work to strengthen the communities' voice by using modern, electronic communication. I'll work to make the BOD open, respectful of the membership and a better reflection of the homeowners.

I served on the Suissevale BOD for one year on several committees, including the budget committee where we raised the low marina fee by $100. Off the BOD, I worked over 100 hours helping to create the Suissevale Postal Station. I've served on several working committees, including the Future Directions and Website Committee.

Their are several infrastructure challenges  that need attention, and should be the priority over all other projects.  Obviously, water. We've spent far too much on past water endeavors without broad community support. Additionally, paved roadways, buildings (roof and heat), and more. Our legal structure as a community may also fit as an infrastructure issue. I'd work with a committee; prioritize with community feedback; and address these issues.


Tom Keddy - 171 States Landing Road

My wife Barbara and I have owned property in Suissevale for 16 years.  Prior to that we rented in Suissevale for six years.  Along with our four children and five grandchildren have enjoyed the beach, boating and the Moultonborough Community Garden in Summer and the snow skiing in the Winter, as well as, helping and organizing events in Suissevale as a Volunteer.

I am retired from 33 years as Vice President of Financial Services for State Street and Trust Company.  I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from University of Massachusetts, School of Business, Boston,MA and a certificate of Graduation in Trust Application Principles from the New England School of Banking, Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts in Personal Trust Studies including Personal Trust Accounting. Portfolio Management, Fiduciary Taxation, Fiduciary Law and Management.

Professional and Civic Memberships:

  • American Banking Association,Washington,D.C.
  • Massachusetts Banking Association, Boston, Massachusetts 
  • Greater Boston Bankers Association, Boston,Massachusetts 
  • Merrymount Association, Quincy, MA
  • Boy Scouts of America,Quincy,MA

I am running for the Board in order to make Suissevale an even better place to live and enjoy.

I believe that ALL members of our Community should be able to share in the amenities of our   Community.  Financial stability, transparency and Water System stability are very important to ME.