Love Suissevale

Open Communication for Suissevale

Marina Pricing Proposal

This proposal was presented to the Board on January 20, 2018.  It was revised to show actual number of homes built by 1976, in June. 

Suissevale January 20 2018 Proposal Revised June 6 (pdf)


Letter to the Board President

I did not receive a written reply to my January presentation, so I wrote a letter on March 6 to Bob Ashton asking for one.

Bob Ashton Follow-up Letter (pdf)


Bob Ashton Email Reply

On March 7, I received this email reply.

Bob Ashton Email March 7 (pdf)


Board Reply

Board Replyed on March 20, 2018

POASI Answer March 20, 2018 (pdf)


Open Letter to Suissevale Members

I wrote an open letter to Suissevale Members on May 15 after I was told that the Board would not put the proposal up for a Membership vote.

POASI Marina Open Letter May 15, 2018 (pdf)